The Society for Strang Studies
founded in 2000 to facilitate research into the life and accomplishment of James Jesse Strang



Rules and Procedures
for the Society for Strang Studies

J.J. Strang Writers Society
The Mission of the J.J. Strang Writers Society is to promote scholarly research and to stimulate and facilitate interest in James Jesse Strang.

    1. The name of the organization shall be "The Strang Writers Society."
    2. The society’s purpose
      a. To make Beaver Island a center for Strang scholarship.
      b. To provide fellowships for Strang writers.
      c. To promote events related to Strang.
      d. To obtain grants to provide funding for the above.
      e. Other.
    3. Membership will be open to anyone with an interest in Strang.
    4. Dues for membership shall be set from time to time depending upon need.
    5. Officers to be elected by the membership:
      a. Chairman
      b. Vice-chairman
      c. Treasurer
      d. Secretary
    6. Annual meetings shall be held during the last half of June each year.
    7. A newsletter shall be published quarterly or more frequently as needed. It shall be distributed either by e-mail or USPS.
    8. Relations with other organizations
      a. Beaver Island Historical Society: Possibly operate under the umbrella of their 501-C3 tax status.
      b. Michigan Humanities Council ?
      c. Other organizations (as members may suggest)