The Society for Strang Studies
founded in 2000 to facilitate research into the life and accomplishment of James Jesse Strang



a word about the finances
of the Society for Strang Studies

The word is: bleak. After paying for this website, the SfSS has little more than a few hundred dollars in its account, although that might improve if the Society is able to publish and sell the booklet it plans containing the Big Man Dead papers. Still, even if it makes three dollars a copy, it is unlikely to sell even as few as two hundred, so this will be no great windfall.

To prepare for staging a re-enactment at Big Man Dead, SfSS members Rebecca Carlson and Bill Cashman applied for a modest grant of $1,000 through the Cheyboygan Arts Council. But time was short, and such basic necessities as letters of support and a resolution from a sponsoring organization could not be obtained. The CAC wasn’t the best bet; it just happened to have a cycle available at the time the application was prepared.
In the future, if the booklet is published, if the Beaver Island Historical Society can be convinced to extend 501c3 coverage to the SfSS, if Strang receives more publicity (in part due to the success of Vickie Speek’s new book), and if SfSS members work hard, it is conceivable that the next application for a grant could meet with success.