The Society for Strang Studies
founded in 2000 to facilitate research into the life and accomplishment of James Jesse Strang



Dr. John J. Baldwin

John BaldwinThe 2006 Conference of the Society for Strang Studies is dedicated to the memory of John Baldwin, one of the founders of SSS.

The following quote was in the program at John’s funeral at the suggestion of his son, Rob.

"All the works of man are destined to decay. Monuments of greatness and creations of luxury: memorials of antiquity and structures of today: palace of princes, halls of legislatures, and cells of prisoners, all the works of art and alike the systems of intellect fall before the tooth of time. Even the soul inspiring poetry must die with the language in which it is written. And fame, fame alone of all productions of man's folly ‘may’ survive."

Strang! King of All the Nation! by John Baldwin 1982

John Baldwin
Last picture of Mom and Dad together on this planet,taken approximately October 2005.
While Mom stays home in East Lansing, Dad is exploring the Theaters of Heaven. – Rob Baldwin